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Bruno and Louise Huber Founders of API

Astrology is one of the oldest combinations of art and science. Although it has often been exploited and misrepresented throughout history it has also, in knowledgeable and skilled hands, become a valuable tool for human development. We still do not know how or why astrology works, so it is impossible for anyone to claim that they have found the definitive way to interpret a Birth Chart. However, the approach developed by Bruno and Louise Huber, normally called astrological psychology, has been found by many to be an effective way of looking at the chart and helping the person's growth process. It aims to combine the best of traditional astrology with modern psychological knowledge.

More than 40 years of intensive client-centered research has enabled the Hubers to structure a comprehensive system of astrological psychology, the 'Huber Method', which offers a new way of interpreting a birth chart by examining, and giving meaning to, the layers of a human life from the central core of the psyche to the environment in which we live. (read more)

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