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In order that you can decide whether or not you would like to take an interest in astrological psychology and perhaps enrol as a student with the School, you'll need some information about the Hubers, upon whose work much of the Courses' contents are based, about their approach and about the School. We hope that what follows will answer some of your questions.

Bruno and Louise Huber first became interested in astrology over 50 years ago. Both had an early interest in a wide range of subjects including astrology and psychology, and on meeting soon discovered a common attraction and shared a common vision of increasing the quality of human consciousness. After their marriage in 1953 they began serious investigative work into astrology and other subjects, including the esoteric. In 1956 they were invited to help set up the Arcane School in Geneva to promote the work of Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust. This period lasted two years and ensured that their subsequent work was founded on a deep spiritual understanding.

In 1958 Bruno was invited to a seminar in Arezzo by Professor Roberto Assagioli, founder of the transpersonal psychology known as psychosynthesis and the Psychosynthesis Institute. Bruno established a strong rapport with Assagioli. Bruno and Louise were soon working in Florence as assistants to Assagioli, helping with his research and documenting his work. It was during this period that they discovered new correlations between the birth chart and psychology, helped by Assagioli's extensive client records. New discoveries included the use of colour in chart representation, the significance of the energy intensity curve in the Houses and the Life Clock.

API AdliswilWhen Bruno and Louise returned to Switzerland in 1962 they founded the Astrologisch-Psychologisches Institut (API) at Adliswil, Zurich, where their teaching, writing, research and counselling work in German has since been ongoing. Many thousands of students have since been trained in the Huber Method worldwide, many of these being professional men and women engaged in the helping professions.

Since Bruno Huber's untimely death in November 1999, Bruno and Louise's son, Michael, has taken on much of the responsibility for the teaching and training offered in Switzerland.

In 1983 Richard Llewellyn and Pam Tyler, assisted by the Hubers, established the English Huber School of Astrological Counselling, now the Astrological Psychology Association (APA), which has since then provided courses of teaching in the English language.

The courses of The Astrological Psychology Association have also been translated into Spanish, and provided the basis for formation of the Spanish Huber School.

The Hubers' teachings have also been substantially documented in a series of eight books on astrological psychology, which are now all generally available in English. Our bookshop sells these and a number of supplementary publications that are not available elsewhere.

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