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   The Living Birth Chart by Joyce Hopewell  Aspect Pattern Astrology by Bruno, Louise and Michael A. Huber  The Planets & Their Psychological Meaning by Bruno & Louise Huber  Aspect Patterns in Colour by Joyce Hopewell  Life Clock by Bruno & Louise Huber  The Astrological Houses by Bruno and Louise Huber 



Using Age Progression - Understanding Life's Journey by Joyce Hopewell

We are increasingly brought face to face with the fact that everything is interconnected. Astrology has long recognised this basic inter-connectedness, and indeed provides the mechanism of the birth chart, enabling some understanding of that relationship between the individual person and the collective whole, the universe. The ‘timing’ system of Age Progression through the Life Clock is perhaps the most sophisticated astrological approach to understanding the psychologically significant life experiences that are reflected in the birth chart. It was developed after extensive research by Swiss astrologer/psychologists Bruno & Louise Huber.  You can use Age Progression to seek meaning in the jumble of events in your life. It can show what sort of influences are likely to be at work at different stages of this particular lifetime. As you give meaning to particular times of your life, you tell stories of how things are and how they might be. Naturally this helps in navigating your way forwards through life. Of course, you can use Age Progression in consultation with a friend or client. Many practitioners regard it as a ‘gilt edged’ technique saving many hours of counselling. In this book, Joyce Hopewell explores the different facets of Age Progression, illuminated by extensive examples with full colour charts, to help you to understand how to apply it to yourself and to helping others.

A new version of The Astrological Houses: A Psychological View of Ourselves and Our World
by Bruno and Louise Huber

The Astrological HousesThis is a revised version of the classic book by Bruno & Louise Huber, first issued as 'Man and His World' in 1978. A thorough understanding of the houses is essential for psychological analysis of the horoscope because the houses establish the actual framework of individual personality and relationship to the environment. Unlike earlier approaches, the twelve houses are considered not as a classic space structure but as dynamic developmental tendencies that result from the combination of crosses (modes) and temperaments (elements). This book shows how the houses relate to ourselves and to our life experience in the world, providing a foundation stone for astrological psychology.




 Aspect Patterns in Colour by Joyce Hopewell

Advances in printing technology have allowed the recent publication of the first full-colour Huber book in the English language at a reasonable price – an exciting development considering the great use of colour made in Huber charts, particularly in assessing the whole chart and the aspect pattern.

Aspect patterns were first introduced in Bruno and Louise Huber’s Aspect Pattern Astrology, providing a key to understanding inner motivation.  In this new book by the author of The Cosmic Egg Timer and The Living Birth Chart, the individual aspect figures from Aspect Pattern Astrology are fully illustrated in colour. The meaning is given for each individual aspect figure, together with an example chart and interpretation.



The Living Birth Chart by Joyce Hopewell

The Living Birth Chart by Joyce HopewellAstrology brought to life in a practical and meaningful way.  In The Living Birth Chart, Joyce provides a deeper, more practical workbook, based on her many years of experience in facilitating popular workshops. This book aims to provide insight into the full power of the Huber Method and give a feel for its practical use.  





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