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Astrological Psychology, Western Esotericism and the Transpersonal

Sue Lewis 2015 212pp

The astrological psychology of Swiss pioneers Bruno & Louise Huber is now widely known and well documented in the English language. In this book, Sue Lewis examines the subject over a broad canvas, encompassing esotericism, astrology, psychology, philosophy and even the frontiers of modern science. In the process she shows the Hubers as part of a living stream in the development of human ideas, indeed at the leading edge of their time.

Sue is well qualified for the task, from her long interest in astrology and astrological symbolism, her involvement in the world of astrological psychology and her more recent Masters degree in Western Esotericism.The result is a comprehensively referenced work that will be of use to future scholars. It is also a readable text giving an overview of where ‘astrological psychology’ fits in to its wider context.

Sue writes as both ‘seeker and scholar’ and in part of the book she courageously shows how astrological psychology has helped in her own process of development. RRP £18 but on special introductory offer at £15.

Atrological  Psychology, Western Esotericism and the Transpersonal

Using Age Progression, Understanding Life's Journey

Joyce Hopewell, 2013, 150pp

The ‘timing’ system of Age Progression through the Life Clock is perhaps the most sophisticated astrological approach to understanding the psychologically significant life experiences that are reflected in the birth chart. It was developed after extensive research by Swiss astrologer/psychologists Bruno & Louise Huber.  You can use Age Progression to seek meaning in the jumble of events in your life. It can show what sort of influences are likely to be at work at different stages of this particular lifetime. As you give meaning to particular times of your life, you tell stories of how things are and how they might be. Naturally this helps in navigating your way forwards through life.

Using Age Progression

Aspect Patterns in Colour

Joyce Hopewell, 2010,   93 pp
Advances in printing technology have allowed the recent publication of the first full-colour Huber book in the English language at a reasonable price – an exciting development considering the great use of colour made in Huber charts, particularly in assessing the whole chart and the aspect pattern.

Aspect patterns were first introduced in Bruno and Louise Huber’s Aspect Pattern Astrology, providing a key to understanding inner motivation. 

In this new book by the author of The Cosmic Egg Timer and The Living Birth Chart, the individual aspect figures from Aspect Pattern Astrology are fully illustrated in colour. The meaning is given for each individual aspect figure, together with an example chart and interpretation.
Aspect Patterns in Colour

Aspect Pattern Astrology

Bruno and Louise Huber, Michael Alexander Huber 2005 287pp

Aspect Pattern Astrology provides the key to a new and holistic interpretation of the horoscope. The overall pattern of the aspects reveals the structure and basic motivations of an individual's consciousness. More than 45 distinct aspect figures are identified, each with a different meaning. This book gives a systematic introduction to the practical use of this method, using example horoscopes and diagrams. Aspect patterns can provide immediate significant revelations about yourself and other people.

Aspect Pattern Astrology

Aspect Figure Bookmarks

Two bookmarks each 18x11cm  2005

Laminated, illustrating in colour 46 aspect patterns.  A 'must have' for all students of Huber Astrology.

Book Marks

The Cosmic Egg Timer

Joyce Hopewell and Richard Llewellyn 2004 192pp
A practical introduction to Astrological Psychology and a modern approach to Self-awareness and Personal Growth.The Cosmic Egg Timer offers a new and exciting way of using astrology and is intended for all who are interested in finding out more about astrological psychology - and themselves! Using your own birth chart alongside this book you will gain insights into the kind of person you are, what makes you tick, and which areas of life offer you the greatest potential.
The Cosmic Egg Timer

The Living Birth Chart

Joyce Hopewell 2008 217pp
In The Living Birth Chart, Joyce provides a deeper, more practical workbook, based on her many years of experience in facilitating popular workshops. This book aims to provide insight into the full power of the Huber Method and give a feel for its practical use. Numerous examples and practical exercises are included, enabling the reader to experience the approach for themselves, and develop their own understanding. This book will be of interest to the general reader seeking more insight into themselves and their own growth process.It will particularly interest astrologers, psychologists and counsellors who are not familiar with the Huber approach, but wish to gain insight into it. Current and past API UK students will also find The Living Birth Chart a helpful supplement to their studies.
The Living Birth Chart by Joyce Hopewell

The Astrological Houses - A Psychological View of Ourselves and Our World

Bruno & Louise Huber 2011 130pp

Essential reading, this is a set book for the APA Diploma Course.

This is a revised version of the classic book by Bruno & Louise Huber, first issued as 'Man and His World' in 1978. A thorough understanding of the houses is essential for psychological analysis of the horoscope because the houses establish the actual framework of individual personality and relationship to the environment. Unlike earlier approaches, the twelve houses are considered not as a classic space structure but as dynamic developmental tendencies that result from the combination of crosses (modes) and temperaments (elements). This book shows how the houses relate to ourselves and to our life experience in the world, providing a foundation stone for astrological psychology.

The Astrological Houses by Bruno and Louise Huber

The Planets & their Psychological Meaning

Bruno & Louise Huber 2006 315pp

In ‘The Planets’, the Hubers show how the positions of the planets are fundamental to the interpretation of the horoscope. They represent basic archetypal qualities that are present in everyone, giving clues to our psychological abilities and characteristics; to our growth and spiritual development. Coloured by the signs of the zodiac, they also provide the essential link between our inner self, represented by the empty circle in the centre of the chart, the aspect patterns and the outside world, represented by the houses.

The Planets


Bruno and Louise Huber 1994 454pp
Previously published in two separate volumes, this edition combines both, together with additional new material. The book outlines how to work with Age Progression, and full details of the Huber’s Age Point technique, as used with counselling, are included. An invaluable book, and a set book for the School’s Diploma Course.
Life Clock