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Using Age Progression - Understanding Life's Journey by Joyce Hopewell NEW BOOK 2013

We are increasingly brought face to face with the fact that everything is interconnected. Astrology has long recognised this basic inter-connectedness, and indeed provides the mechanism of the birth chart, enabling some understanding of that relationship between the individual person and the collective whole, the universe. The ‘timing’ system of Age Progression through the Life Clock is perhaps the most sophisticated astrological approach to understanding the psychologically significant life experiences that are reflected in the birth chart. It was developed after extensive research by Swiss astrologer/psychologists Bruno & Louise Huber.  You can use Age Progression to seek meaning in the jumble of events in your life. It can show what sort of influences are likely to be at work at different stages of this particular lifetime. As you give meaning to particular times of your life, you tell stories of how things are and how they might be. Naturally this helps in navigating your way forwards through life. Of course, you can use Age Progression in consultation with a friend or client. Many practitioners regard it as a ‘gilt edged’ technique saving many hours of counselling. In this book, Joyce Hopewell explores the different facets of Age Progression, illuminated by extensive examples with full colour charts, to help you to understand how to apply it to yourself and to helping others.


Aspect Patterns in Colour by Joyce Hopewell

Advances in printing technology have allowed the recent publication of the first full-colour Huber book in the English language at a reasonable price – an exciting development considering the great use of colour made in Huber charts, particularly in assessing the whole chart and the aspect pattern.

Aspect patterns were first introduced in Bruno and Louise Huber’s Aspect Pattern Astrology, providing a key to understanding inner motivation. 

In this new book by the author of The Cosmic Egg Timer and The Living Birth Chart, the individual aspect figures from Aspect Pattern Astrology are fully illustrated in colour. The meaning is given for each individual aspect figure, together with an example chart and interpretation.

Astrolog II: Family, Relationships and Health -  by Louise Huber et al

This is the second volume of articles from the German-language magazine AstroLog to be published in English, following on from the first book Astrolog I: Life and Meaning. The articles are by a variety of authors, including Bruno and Louise Huber and API tutors Wolfhard König and Ruth Schmidhauser.  The book is in four parts, each containing articles  related to a specific theme: Part 1: The Family - astrological psychology related to developmental psychology and family counselling.  Part 2: Children and Upbringing - how astrological psychology can help with upbringing, from theoretical and practical perspectives.  Part 3: Relationships - the psychology of relationships and the use of various types of 'click' horoscopes, and a particular perspective on mother/daughter relationships and the story of Snow White.  Part 4: Health and Therapies - the use of astrological psychology in the context of health issues and the alternative therapies of Bach Flower Remedies and Tarot.

The Living Birth Chart by Joyce Hopewell

Astrology brought to life in a practical and meaningful way. Joyce Hopewell has been teaching with the Astrological Psychology Institute for 17 of its first 25 years, bringing the teachings of Swiss astrologers/psychologists Bruno and Louise Huber and their system of astrological psychology to the English-speaking world. In 2004, with co-author Richard Llewellyn, Joyce wrote The Cosmic Egg Timer, which has proved a popular introduction to the Hubers' work, itself now documented in a series of eight volumes on astrological psychology. In The Living Birth Chart, Joyce provides a deeper, more practical workbook, based on her many years of experience in facilitating popular workshops. This book aims to provide insight into the full power of the Huber Method and give a feel for its practical use. Numerous examples and practical exercises are included, enabling the reader to experience the approach for themselves, and develop their own understanding. This book will be of interest to the general reader seeking more insight into themselves and their own growth process.It will particularly interest astrologers, psychologists and counsellors who are not familiar with the Huber approach, but wish to gain insight into it. Current and past API UK students will also find The Living Birth Chart a helpful supplement to their studies.

The Cosmic Egg Timer by Joyce Hopewell and Richard Llewellyn

The Cosmic Egg Timer offers an immediate and ulluminating method of using astrology, suitable for enthusiastic beginners as well as the professional astrologer, psychologist or counsellor seeking a fresh approach to working with clients.

Astrological Psychology was developed by Swiss astrologers/ psychologists Bruno and Louise Huber. Their method, based on extensive research, combines hte bet of traditional astrology with modern growth psychology, providing a powerful tool for self-understanding and psychological and spiritual growth. The Cosmic Egg Timer provides the first overview of the Huber Method available in any language.  Using your own birth chart longside this book, you will gain insights into the kind of person you are, what makes you tick and which areas of life offer you the greatest potential.

Aspect Pattern Astrology by Bruno, Louise and Michael Huber

This book presents the theory of aspects and aspect patterns in greater detail than is possible in the Diploma Course material, and includes less common aspect patterns not previously documented in English.

This book is a “must” for Diploma holders, API UKstudents and those wishing to gain real insight into the Hubers’ unique approach to aspect patterns.  Aspect Pattern Astrology provides the key to a new holistic interpretation of the horoscope. The overall pattern of the aspects reveals the structure and basic motivations of an individual’s consciousness. More than 45 distinct aspect figures are identified, each with a different meaning. This book gives a systematic introduction to the practical use of this method, using many example horoscopes and diagrams. Whether you are an astrological novice or an experienced astrologer, aspect patterns can provide immediate significant revelations about yourself and other people.

The Astrological Houses by Bruno and Louise Huber

This book gives us a fresh perspective on using the houses to diagnose a person's individual outlook on life. The houses show the actual framework of individual personality and the Hubers define how the houses relate to mankind in general, as well as how they can be used to understand an individual's personal response and reactions to life. 

The Huber Method, which is now being taught in many countries of the world, explains how the houses can be used to gain new insights into how planets and signs will actually manifest in an individual's life. A thorough understanding of house function can enable an astrologer to become a better diagnostician when counselling others.

NOW RE-ISSUED AS - The Astrological Houses: A Psychological View of Ourselves and Our World
This is a revised version of the classic book by Bruno & Louise Huber, first issued as 'Man and His World' in 1978. A thorough understanding of the houses is essential for psychological analysis of the horoscope because the houses establish the actual framework of individual personality and relationship to the environment. Unlike earlier approaches, the twelve houses are considered not as a classic space structure but as dynamic developmental tendencies that result from the combination of crosses (modes) and temperaments (elements). This book shows how the houses relate to ourselves and to our life experience in the world, providing a foundation stone for astrological psychology.

The Planets and Their Psychological Meaning by Bruno and Louise Huber

In The Planets and their Psychological Meaning (paperback, 315 pages) Bruno and Louise Huber show how the positions of the planets are fundamental to interpretation of the horoscope. They represent basic archetypal qualities that are present in everyone, and give clues to our psychological abilities and characteristics, and to our growth and spiritual development.

Comprehensive descriptions are given of each of the ten planets, based around fundamental principles. The aim is to stimulate the interpretative abilities of the reader, rather than provide a cookbook. Examples are provided with detailed descriptions of the key personality planets Sun, Saturn and Moon in each of the astrological houses or signs.  A valuable reference work on astrological psychology – every serious student should have one!  "With the publication of this volume, the full power of astrological psychology and the Huber Method is now revealed to the English-speaking world."

LifeClock by Bruno and Louise Huber

We are delighted to make available a revised and integrated edition of LifeClock, incorporating the two separate volumes originally published by Weiser in 1982-6.  LifeClock is perhaps what most captures the imagination of those new to the work of Bruno and Louise Huber. The horoscope is seen as a clock for the person’s lifetime, with the Age Point indicating their age as the ‘time’ on the clock.

Those trying it for themselves invariably find significant correspondences between indications in their birth chart and psychological crises and other meaningful events in their lives. This deepens self-understanding and provides impetus and insight to their psychological and spiritual growth. The effectiveness and value of this surprisingly simple approach to astrological timing is repeatedly confirmed.  Counsellors and others in the helping professions find this a powerful tool, helping them to quickly identify the psychological sources of a client’s problems.  LifeClock contains an appendix introducing astrological psychology, so is easily accessible to those unfamiliar with, or relatively new to, the Huber Method.  Essential material for all Diploma students!

Astrolog 1 - Life and Meaning by Bruno and Louise Huber et al.

The Hubers’ essential teachings are now mostly documented in English in their eight volumes on Astrological Psychology. However, there is also a substantial body of experience and knowledge in the use of the ‘Huber Method’ in the German-speaking world that is not easily accessible to most English speakers.

Much of this experience is documented in the bi-monthly German-language magazine AstroLog, established in 1981. Each of its now-over-150 issues contains articles by contributors including the Hubers, API teachers, students and Diploma holders, many of whom are professionals in other disciplines. Subjects include amplification of aspects of the Huber Method, new ideas and research, practical experience, links with other disciplines, case studies etc.

Thanks to a kind bequest from Agnes Shellens, we have been able to translate some of the best articles for publication in English. This first volume contains a selection grouped under four categories: ‘Astrological Psychology’, ‘Life and Meaning’, ‘Age Progression’ and ‘Growth and Transformation’.

Astrological Psychosynthesis by Bruno Huber

Astrological Psychosynthesis is a holistic approach towards astrology and chart reading. Based on the work of Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis, it follows the premise that every human being has a soul, a higher self, which is at the very root of all developmental processes.  The Horoscope can be used as a diagnosis instrument, a tool to enhance a person's capacity for free will.

After an introduction to the system, the book isdivided into three parts: Intelligence in the Horoscope examines the three types of thinking - cardinal (political), fixed (economical) and mutable (social).  Personality and Integration considers the physical, emotional and mental Egos and he development of personality according to the psychological inlfluences of one's surroundings (signs and house discrepancies).  Love and Relationships in the Horoscope explores the social aspect of love, eroticism and sexuality and demonstrates how to overcome partnership difficulties.

Transformation: Astrology as a Spiritual Path by Louise Huber

This book represents the culmination of many years of research and teaching in the life work of Bruno and Louise Huber, well known as founders of the Astrological Psychology Institute in Zürich. This is the last of the eight volumes on their system of astrological psychology to be fully translated into English. From their researches the Hubers found that the causes of psychological problems are more often uncovered through the effort of spiritual development than through handling everyday conflicts. In this book they describe the related processes of transformation as natural stages in human development.

This is concerned not only with the personal stages of development through life, but with the evolution of humanity and the whole universe. It involves the expansion of consciousness of micro- and macrocosm. It brings about meaningful and spiritual growth, which each person can joyfully and confidently undertake. Parts of this work have previously been published by Samuel Weiser under the title ‘Astrology and the Spiritual Path’, the translation of an earlier book by the Hubers. The present volume includes significant new material, notably in the areas of the Dynamic Quadrants, Stress Planets, the House Chart, and the Integration Chart.

Reflections and Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac by Louise Huber

Louise Huber's book focuses on a new perspective regarding the Zodiacal signs. Commenting on the psychological effects, crises of transformation and spiritual path or each sign, she combines meditation and insight into the signs to facilitate the transmission of energy.  At the time of the Full Moon each month people can attune themselves to the Zodiacal sign that the Sun is passing through. This will aid spiritual and personal development. Included are such subjects as the seed thought, esoteric and exoteric planetary rulers, a desription of the symbol for each sign and selected texts on Full Moon meditations.

Moon Node Astrology

Moon Node Astrology combines depth psychology, astrology and reincarnation to bring a new focus on the shadow personality and the evolutionary process of the individual.  The book explains the scientific background and the psychological approach used with the nodes and the moon node chart. Also covers the relationship with esotericism and the ideas of Alice Bailey, explaining how earlier lives are shown in the aspect structure and house positions of planets in the nodal chart.  Examples are given of working with the 'three charts' - nodal, natal and house - in helping to understand where the client has come from, where they are now, and where they are going.

Astrology and the Seven Rays

According to the ageless wisdom, as represented for example in the books of Alice Bailey, the seven rays are cosmic streams of energy that penetrate and underlie all life on our planet. This book introduces the psychological application of the rays, which can give insights that could not otherwise be gained from the astrological chart.

Bruno Huber discovered a new method of determining the rays in the natal chart. This enables you to find your own personal ray combination, and those of others.  Astrology and the Seven Rays also opens up a new approach to esoteric psychology and esoteric astrology, and provides insight into the process of spiritual development.

The book has quite a history. In 1998 Bruno and Louise gave what turned out to be their last workshop together at the Beacon Centre in Devon, on the subject of Astrology and the Seven Rays. The transcript of their talks at that inspirational event has been available as an API UK booklet since late 1999, and many readers of Conjunction will have a copy.  The booklet was so well regarded by the Hubers that copies were sold to students at their workshops in Switzerland. It was subsequently translated into German and published in 2006 as a book Astrologie und die Sieben Strahlen, incorporating some additional material from Louise, covering ground that there had not been time for in the original seminar.

That additional material has since been translated into English, and has been incorporated in this revised English edition in book form. Thus we are making available the Hubers' ideas on esoteric astrology to a wider audience, as well as providing the information in a more convenient and cheaper form.