These booklets are transcriptions of seminars, compilations of articles or translations from German articles or publications.

The Karma Clicks Horoscope - the Astrologer's Secret Weapon

by Wolfhard König 2009 18pp - NEW BOOKLET
Münich psychoanalyst and API tutor Wolfhard König explains the psychological significance of the Karma Click Horoscope, with examples including the charts of Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin.

New Levels of Interpretation in the Aspect Pattern

Michael Huber 2008 23pp

New Publication: Contains the results of Michael Huber's research into the significance of patterns within the spaces in the aspect structure.  These are claimed to reveal the hidden spiritual qualities of the human character.

The History of Astrology

Bruno Huber 2007 14pp
Bruno's research on the origins of astrology.

The Development of Astrological Psychology

Bruno & Louise Huber, 2007, 20pp
How it all came about!  Bruno and Louise Huber give their individual perspectives on their fomative years and influences in the development of astrological psychology and the founding of the Astrological Psychology Institute. Part 1. 'When someone makes a journey' by Bruno Huber and Part 2. 'The development of an astrologer - 36 years of API' by Louise Huber.

Astrological Seminars Volume 5

Edited by Joyce Hopewell 2005
Newly published ( Dec. 2005), the next in our series of talks and seminars given by Bruno and Louise Huber. This booklet contains two lectures given by Louise Huber: 'The Spiritual Triad: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto' and 'The Laws of Spiritual Growth in Astrology'.
The subjects complement each other. The content is interesting, valuable and practical in its descriptions of the crises faced when travelling the spiritual path

Astrological Seminars Vol 4

Editor Joyce Hopewell 2005 30pp
This fourth volume of Astrological Seminars is part of the continuing series of talks, workshops and presentations given by Bruno and Louise Huber and other teachers from API Switzerland and API(UK). It contains: 'The Spiritual Path and Crises of Transformation' by Louise Huber, 'The Family Model - Sun, Moon and Saturn' by Bruno Huber.

Astrological Seminars Vol 3

Editor Joyce Hopewell 2003 21pp

Translations of seminars given by Louise Huber. 'Astrology and the Esoteric - The Seven Rays and the Moon Node Horoscope'  - Louise Huber.  'The North Node In Your Chart -Twelve Doors to Spiritual Growth' - Louise Huber


Astrological Seminars Vol 2

Ed Joyce Hopewell 2000 29pp
Talks given at Astrological Association Conferences by Richard and Joyce.  How Does Your Garden Grow? - R. Llewellyn 1991, Saturn, Millstone or Mentor? J. Hopewell 1998

Astrological Seminars Vol 1

Ed Joyce Hopewell 2000 20pp
Translations of talks given by Bruno to the Astrological Association European Conference and by Wolfhard to the seventh World Astrology Conference. Medical Astrology - B. Huber 1992, Psychodynamics of Fear - W. Konig.

Conjunction Digest Vol 3

Editor Joyce Hopewell 2003 69pp
A third selection of specially selected articles, new items and teaching material which first appeared in Conjunction nos 24-34 (1998-2004)